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When riding, I run across hikers and other cyclists and I'm friendly so I typically say "hi" or something as I go by. 

This week I've heard:

(passing a couple hiking ladies on a downhill - they were going up - as they stepped off the trail to let me go by) "well, that's the easy way!"  I thought to myself, "really? How'd they think I got to the top?"

(A couple hikers who happened to come by me right after I wiped out and had to wrestle my chain from between the bottom bracket and the inner chain ring) "hey! How are you doing?" 

Me: -laughing- "well, I've been better!"

Female hiker: "Yeah, I can see that!"

(Passed a

 male hiker and his golden retriever at the base of a steep, rooted hill. He watched me climb it)


That one made me smile. ;)


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My new awareness bell has really helped with trail interactions.When I approach people I always smile and am as friendly as I can be, but some hikers just have an issue with seeing bikers at all.  Maybe it is their perception of us. Regardless, if am at a slow crawl, they see us as aggressive.  They see the face helmet, goggles, body armor and it just irks them I think.  Makes people uneasy I think.

I came across a couple gals this morning.  i was practically stopped, but they saw me and were like jumping out of the way.  I had my bell ringing all the way down the hill, so there was no surprise that someone was coming.  

Tonight, I was riding a trail on the way home.  There was a middle aged lady in front of me.  I saw her far away and turned on my bell.  She just keeps walking.  I am right behind her.  I say "hello...can I pass by you?"  Nothing.  I say louder "HELLO?." Still nothing. I finally see the cords.  She has a damn ipod in and she is oblivious.  So then I say "I could say anything right now....you are completely deaf."  I approach closer.  I am going like half a mile an hour.  Thankfully, my balance is excellent I just am barely moving along, right on her ass.  I think she finally saw my shadow or something and she jumps sky high and says loudly "YOU SCARED ME!"   I calmly say "Sorry, but I have been trying to get your attention for several minutes."  She moves away so I can pass.  I pass slowly.  The trail was really narrow and there are thorns in this zone, so I didn't blast through the out and beyond to go around her instead of following her for a while.  I could have tapped her shoulder, but that might have given her a heart attack.   :o 

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Tapping her shoulder would have been hilarious!!! :D


Yeah, I was road riding on a local bike trail. A few girls were spread out across the trail as I was approaching from behind. I have a loud voice and I shouted they I would be passing on the left. Nothing. I yelled louder. Still nothing. As I passed them (very slowly), I noticed their iPod earphones and as they turned to face me, startled, i yelled "get out of the way" so loud that I probably broke their eardrums... People way up the trail heard me and got off the path....

I hate to be rude. But trail etiquette exists for a reason. 

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