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I hope I can wind down into relax mode.


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You know inertia works in two ways, at body at rest tends to stay that way, and a body in motion will just keep rolling until it bashes into something.

Well, for the last few months, I have been that body in motion, so much to do, and so little time to do it. Now I'm wound up like a ten cent toy (remember those?) and so hyper, I bet I could thread a running sewing machine.

 So now, as I posted elsewhere, I'm off for two weeks at a cottage in Quebec, and while I should be looking forward to the r&r, I'm worried that I will go nuts.

Of course, we are taking the bikes, so I will get some riding in. Checked three books that have been on my list for a while out of the library, and even, get this, taking parts and tools to build 5 wheel sets.

 I hope that's enough to keep me sane.

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Time with family gets too scarce RC.  It won't take you long to settle into relax mode with family food and drink around.  Sounds like a great event!  

​I know you're right about the first part, I hope you're right about the second part.

 The trip up should be fun, we get to take the two grandsons, as their parents are working over the weekend, and won't be coming up until Monday.

 I'm anticipating 5 1/2 hours of, "are we there yet?"

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The cottage is beautiful, but the weather is cold and rainy. The forecast doesn't look great for the next while either, but the water is surprisingly warm, so the kids have been spending a lot of time swimming.



 I'm pacing myself to build a wheel a day. I could do them all in two days, but I don't want to have all the fun at once..



 Got a good start on this book this morning.


Also went out for a short ride. Starting to feel relaxed.

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We returned home Friday afternoon, but have not had time to check in with a wrap up.

Once the first couple of days were done drenching us with rain, the weather turned rather nice for most of the duration. I was able to unwind rather quickly and begin enjoying myself.

 One of my brothers in law is a corporate executive with a large multinational firm you have likely heard of, and he spent several of his mornings on conference calls to Europe. At least the work I took with me, building a few wheels, is relaxing. Sucked to be him.

 My step daughter and our month old grandson arrived from Halifax in the middle of the first week. My wife's 60th birthday was Friday, and all her siblings, grandsons and most of her nieces and nephews were there to help her celebrate. 

 One of my other brothers in law lives close by the cottage we were staying at. He brought his boat for water skiing. I have done it in the past, but we're talking long distant past, like 40 years. On my third try to get up, I pulled my right hamstring, and I spent the rest of the vacation in discomfort.

 The corporate exec BIL did himself a similar injury, but his left a large red mark on the inside of his upper thigh. He must have torn something. He was in more pain than I was.

I got through the first book and got a good start on the second. Got 5 wheelsets built.Did a bit of biking, but the pulled hamstring kept the rides short in the hilly terrain.

 Great times, over too soon.

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