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I am both nervous and excite


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Weather is going to cooperate nicely. 

Ugly Bob is going to cooperate nicely as well.

The airheads?  I guess they will cooperate, the verdict is still out on that one.:P

I think that all of my stuff is printed off.  Transition and finish line are set up.  I need a couple of cold ones on ice for the minute that this thing is over.

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Oh, and everybody got to meet Charlie, so they've got that going for them.  Which is nice. Sandy tried to eat Mr Airhead.  But Charlie just shuffled over to Airhead and wanted his ears scratched.

​Charlie as a mascot has to be an excellent draw! Too bad Benji was so long ago. :D

I vote for Bob as America's Grandad. :)

And for the Aireheads as America's interesting and active aunt and uncle. )

And of course Charlie is America's doggeh.

And in Indiana.  Perfect. :)


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Lock in the date so we can plan.  Sandy is a cool dog, just not as cool as Charlie. I did not talk Mr. Aire into getting chickens. The kids of Parr8 are awesome. Old No7 is fantastic.  UB is definitely America's young grand pop. 

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