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Eating Sonny ('Chopped Liver') recommended grits


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I had grits, snausage patties and a 3 cheese omelet for breakfast. That was 6 hours ago and I'm still full.

​Do  you ever eat reheated grits on the stove?  My wife cooked a big batch yesterday and then heated them on the stove again by adding water and butter.  Not as good as freshly cooked, but not bad.

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You can fry 'em you know...

Let 'em get cold in a lightly greased pan or steep sided bowl, flip the pan or bowl over and this white hockey puck will drop out. Saute it in really hot butter.


You are using some half & half or cream for some of the liquid, I hope. I start mine in water and when they start getting real thick I add some half & half to bring it to the consistency I like.

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