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Why didn't Elvis have his Kung Fu instructor killed for taking away his Priscilla?


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It was no surprise Elvis turned to Red West for the death warrant the obsessed singer wanted placed on his rival. Red was Presley's most loyal and trusted friend for over 20 years. As Memphis teenagers, Red prevented the budding superstar from being thrashed by high school bullies who wanted to cut his long hair. Rugged and quick-fisted, Red quickly went from small town football hero to senior member of the Memphis Mafia, the squad of musicians, musclemen and business cronies who served The King's every whim.

Now Elvis was asking Red to betray everything he believed in to serve the drug-fueled rage that was consuming the troubled singer's soul.

Red received the order at Presley's headquarters. He was called up to the deluxe 30th floor Imperial Suite penthouse topping the Las Vegas Hilton. Even though he was on tour with his mistress, beauty queen Linda Thompson, Elvis could not bear the thought of Priscilla with another man. Red tried to calm his boss, but Elvis was a man possessed.

"Mike Stone must die. He must die," Elvis kept repeating.

elvispull1.gifRed recalls his trademark voice was monotone but fierce. His eyes were glazed and dark as he chanted the order. Elvis fixed him in his gaze. Red believed Elvis was trying to hypnotize him.

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