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Good morning


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Good morning.  On call today.  Emmy has a double header softball tourney.  Both kids had late swim meets last night.  Pretty competitive and really non-eventful for our kids.  A lot of 3rd places.

But in the 25 free Em was in the last heat.  She was on the far left and got a horrible start.  She picked up speed and just nosed out the girl next to her to take 1st.  It was incredible to watch.  I asked her later if that girl made her mad.  "Yes, she just stayed right there next to me so I had to beat her!"

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Cooled off and the humidity is gone...beautiful morning!!  Slept the best since last week...got my PT exercises in...hip was sore yesterday...probably gonna do a massage tomorrow...

​That's what I have been telling you that you needed all along.:D

 It has been terribly hot here.  High nineties is not for me.


Send it my way, I'll take it.  Sub seventies temps in the summer is not for me.  You can have some of our daily rain too if you want it. 

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Good morning forumites.  Tuesday - sort a like hump day in a 4 day week but not really.  I hear that we have to add a leap second to our clock tonight  24:59:60.  Never to be seen again in our lifetime.  I know that's going to totally mess me up.

EDIT - Correction 15:59:60

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Morning.  Allergies bad today.  Drainage almost made me puke as I drank by first cup of coffee.  Been in office since 8 and not feeling it today.  Head pounding.

Gonna get close to triple digits today and 50% humidity.  

https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&rlz=1C1GGGE_enUS395US395&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=75240 forecast

We had a decent storm blow through very early this morning.  Streets were damp at 6 AM and small branches blown out of trees.  Lots of leaves everywhere.

I came in early expecting a delivery and it has not shown up yet.

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I have been reading reports of GOBA 2015 which happened last week without me.  I was denied vacation time for last week.  They had so much rain and flooding that the last day they could not even find an alternate route for the ride and had to have busses bus everyone to their destination.  It was the first time that has ever happened since they have been doing the ride.  It sounds horrible but all the comments from riders said they had a wonderful time. I guess whatever doesn't kill you will make you stronger and vacation memories are made by the tough times not the easy going ones. I'll bet they were scrambling to find busses for over two thousand riders.

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