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The girls


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My daughters are all married now, so I have a rendering truck, a wood chipper, and electric chair, and autopsy equipment I think you will find useful for testing any potential suitors that may express an interest in your daughters.  To be honest, the autopsy equipment is a little beat up because it takes so long to complete one when the wannabe-boyfriend isn't quite deceased yet and they won't hold still.

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All are gorgeous Chris.  Obviously I was confusing daughter 1, far right, with daughter 2, far left? Daughter 1 is married, yes?  To me daughter 2 is the one who most looks like MrsChris. Daughter 2 has always been my favorite, just classic beauty, and daughter 3 I've seen look breathtaking with some of those photos you've taken.

Now I'm in love with daughter 1 again.

All are gorgeous   :wub:

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