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Edits and rewrites are a pain in the...


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I've never written a book so my opinion may not be worth a rat's



But I would suggest from my experience many people try for 'perfection'.  Of course, concepts of 'perfection' vary between people.  The fine points one person agonizes over the next person will probably never even notice.

For at least one chapter, I'd make another suggestion to experiment with the 80/20 rule.  Take a first pass at the edits and rewrites, spending what you feel is about 20% of the effort you did on the last chapter's edits and rewrites.  I'd wager you'll get 80% of the 'perfection' you seek.  Set it aside until you finish the following chapter.

Then go back and pick up the 80/20 chapter.  Reread it and see if it truly needs the 80% of the work you'd have to invest to get the remaining 20% of improvement.

Balance the time you'd spend re-editing and rewriting against the progress you'd make by setting that chapter down again and instead forging ahead by writing another new chapter.  Ask yourself which is the most productive expenditure of your time.

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I have the first 16 chapters sitting here filled with marks from my editor, the grammar-Nazi (WoUB). The biggest pain right now seems to be punctuation and missing words. I have a few places to add some more detail and one chapter to split into two and fill flesh out. I can't wait to get the rest back... :wacko:

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