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Change of plans.


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The wife and I were thinking of riding a 100 miles today but it didn't happen. 

So the temperature was 58 when we woke up so we started 2 hours later than I wanted. Change of plans, we picked a different place to ride to for lunch.  

We stopped in town on the way to use the bathroom because the coffee we had earlier was done and I didn't need it anymore. I went 1 block to far and would have to back track to the coffee shop,  change of plans. I look up and I see a BBQ restaurant I never been to so we stopped in and the food was amazing. Let's say the pace on the ride home was a little bit slower. 

We wanted to do a 100

Got shortened to 85

Still put in 72 miles 

It was a fantastic day for a ride. 

I think we are going to walk down to the corner bar and have a well earned mug of beer.

What did you guys do today?

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I took a short ride, now I'm listening to Dire Straits and doing edits. Mark Knopfler's guitar playing skills can be a little distracting...

​I've got Beryl in my head.  WTF is Beryl?  An element?  Very catchy though. :)

Sailing to Philly is the only copy of MK music that I own.  I have listened to it very many times. :)  And then a few more for good measure.  :D

I can't decide if my biggest rock hero.role model is MK, Elvis Costello, Dan Aeurbach, Dave Grohl, or Neil Young. :D.

Thanks for sending me down the U-tube Rabbit Hole to listen to the full Tracker album, Bob. Dang, he makes some nice music. :)




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