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Change of plans.


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The wife and I were thinking of riding a 100 miles today but it didn't happen. 

So the temperature was 58 when we woke up so we started 2 hours later than I wanted. Change of plans, we picked a different place to ride to for lunch.  

We stopped in town on the way to use the bathroom because the coffee we had earlier was done and I didn't need it anymore. I went 1 block to far and would have to back track to the coffee shop,  change of plans. I look up and I see a BBQ restaurant I never been to so we stopped in and the food was amazing. Let's say the pace on the ride home was a little bit slower. 

We wanted to do a 100

Got shortened to 85

Still put in 72 miles 

It was a fantastic day for a ride. 

I think we are going to walk down to the corner bar and have a well earned mug of beer.

What did you guys do today?

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We visited daughter #2 and took her to RG country, the BBG near Prospect Park.  It was a nice day.  The dog is snoring now!

I am now enjoying a well-deserved River Horse Belgian Freeze. :)

We also had a change of plans.  We were going to go to the NJ Botanical Gardens at Skylands, out in the Jersey countryside, but we got sucked through the Lincoln Tunnel, so we revised the plan.  We'll do that trip someother time.


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