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Today I installed

Thaddeus Kosciuszko

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forty feet of French Drain, using a rather ingenious product.


It's a pre-assembled perforated pipe, styrofoam 'pebbles', and a filter fabric.  No hauling drainage rock.  :nod head:

Took me a fair part of the day to lift the sod, remove two shrubs, dig the trench, install the pipe, backfill, and replace the sod.  Big question - what to do with the excess soil displaced by the drain pipe?  Having no other place on my property, I moved aside the stairs to the front porch, spread the soil evenly underneath it, then put the steps back.

Cloudy the first hour, then it rained steadily for the next three.  I got thoroughly soaked, especially since I was installing the drain right where water dripped off the roof.  But on the bright side I got to see the fruits of my labors when water started running out the daylighted end of the drain.  And, of course, once I finished the rain stopped and the sun came out.

The most odd thing I found about installing the French drain was a continuous, irresistible urge to surrender. :scratch head:

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Nice. I need to do a French drain for my water softener drain. I stopped running it into the septic cause the salt was killing the good bacteria and corroding the cement septic tank. And just running it into the yard is killing my grass.:angry: 

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