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Alan Turing

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So I just watched The Imitation Game, good movie.  I know nothing of this Alan Turing gentleman, but suspect one of you scholarly fellows, or ladies, does. 

For those that have read about him, would you care to point out a book you think the average non-mathematician would appreciate?

Many thanks

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I'm afraid that the film was not a true account of Turing's life. As a brilliant mathematician he made a huge contribution to Britain's war effort at Bletchley Park which was the de-coding centre for British Intelligence during WW2. As a homosexual he was extremely vulnerable to the repressive laws regarding homosexuality at that time and after the war was forced by the Legal system into undergoing chemical castration and committed suicide shortly after as I remember. It was a shameful episode in our history and the film was part of an effort to rehabilitate Turing's reputation.

The girl that featured in the film in reality didn't exist but I suppose was inserted to make the film more palatable to a wider audience....a pity.


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