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Nice pictures!  Perhaps a rail trail?

I didn't see RG's head in any of the pictures, so I'm unable to comment on your photoshop skills.

Yes, some of the pics are rail trail.  The airline trail in CT.  I am fortunate enough to live almost on it with my own access road.  Near me the trail crosses a lake/pond/swamp on a trail wide causeway that is a very popular place for bird watchers and photographers.  

The Airline Railroad line was an attempt to cut diagonally across CT instead of following the flat coast.  The grade required short trains and ultimately economics as well as the Hurricane of 38 finished it.  There was a 1000ft trestle about 140 feet above a valley floor that was taken down by the hurricane.  That trestle is today a causeway built up of granet blocks and dirt and is still a spectacular ride.  There are other trails that meet up with it and it's possible to ride 40 or 50 miles without ever going out on a road other than to cross.  I tend to stay off of it on the weekends when it is popular, but being retired it is my haven with a few other regulars on weekdays.  Some parts of the trail are so deserted that I take a cellphone in the seat bag just so my relatives can find the body.  Other parts are so popular that it's difficult to ride quickly.  You have to be careful of the walkers......they never hear the bike coming and you have to announce yourself and be prepared for which way the covey will break.  I live near a low in the trail so most of my rides are uphill on the way out and downhill on the way back to the tune of about a 2-1 time ratio.  The return trip is the e ticket ride that you work for on the way out as 20 mph on dirt and trap rock makes for fun (don't laugh at me DH, it's not your sort of down).  It's hardtail and fat tires country (no, old school fat tires not the new ones) ridden best without a suspension fork.

One of these days I'll take a camera out again and post some pics.

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