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July 5

Square Wheels

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45 miles, 15.1mph, 2463 climbing feet.

I'd planned a route that was probably 50-55 miles, but that route offered a couple bailouts and I ended up taking the second - for my sit bones as much as anything.  Rode through some beautiful country.  Did I mention I love this area?  I managed to clear the climb on the aptly-named "Long Hill Road" (1.3 miles at 5%) without stopping, but a few later climbs (including one short one at 11%) made me put a foot down.  I topped 40mph on one descent - not long after I took this photo.

And I rode past the house from which the Lindbergh baby was kidnapped, just north of Hopewell, NJ.  That would have been more interesting if you could see the place at all from the road, or if the house wasn't now a NJ Dept of Corrections facility for juveniles (which kept me from going up the driveway).  Still interesting to be close to history.


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