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"Trenton Makes Bridge" in the news


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A woman who said she "intended to harm herself" jumped into the Delaware River from the bridge this morning.  She was rescued, unharmed.


The walkway on the bridge is about 30 feet above the water.  The GWB it ain't.

I'm not saying it's the smartest thing I've ever done, but one day when I was younger I jumped into the Susquehanna from 40 feet intending to have fun.



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This morning?  Or in the Susquehanna? ;)

A friend in NE MD found out about a cliff overlooking the river very close to the PA-MD line.  Late 1990s.  It was upstream of the Conowingo Dam so the water was very deep.  We jumped, feet first, a couple times.  My second jump one of my thighs was a little more horizontal than I'd have liked, with some bruising as a result.  Otherwise I had fun, yes.

I remember that the water was very warm - and that we were downstream from Three Mile Island....

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