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Why is it that people from the midwest are more aware, good-natured, and good-hearted than anywhere else?


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once you get away from the states that touch the Atlantic Ocean, most people are more friendly. The farther west you go, the nicer the people are. 

I think this is true, the east coast is no place you want to be.

I think the friendliest people I met were in Portland, btw.

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xenophobes are funny.

how long will it be until you realize that I don't hate snowbirds because of their origin?

I hate them because of the congestion they cause on my roads and at the local businesses. 

I don't have a problem with their origin. I have a problem with their migratory habits. 

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Some of the nicest folks I've ever met were in Nebraska and Iowa. Sure, they may be of conservative bent, but overall very warm and welcoming people.

Must be something in the water.

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