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Why is it that everyone from NJ eats with their mouths open, talks with a mouthful of food, and smacks their lips, all while completely unaware and claiming that they don't?


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There are two people in our house who are originally from NJ, and based on our dinner table experiences I'm not in a position to argue your point.

When I was a pup at the Ohio State University, there was a chick from NJ on my floor in my dorm my freshman year.  I don't know that she ever closed her mouth at all.  Later, I was in a fraternity, and a couple of guys in the fraternity were from NJ, but there on a swimming scholarship, same behavior.  My wife and her sister are from NJ, guess what they do, other than deny they do it?

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Because they are only slightly more evolved than the simple organism that first squirmed out of the primordial ooze.  

Actually, I think that simple organisms could correct their aberrant behaviors, or at least become aware of them.

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