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RG, what could you realistically go visit in New York today


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With RO on my behalf? Give me like 3 choices and I'll select.  Not tomorrow, but today. 

Today is out, I have to go do a thing now, then I have to do another thing before I go pick up RO.  Tomorrow is out, too, a friend from the big city is coming to hipsville for lunching purposes.

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Better or I will come visit and sleep on the couch.  

You could do that, too!  I will make Banquet Salisbury Steak dinners, with hot cocoa and marshmallows later.  RO will study you, then will want to give you a high-five, then a fist-bump, then an elbow-bump.  You may talk to RW in English, but can curse at her in any language.

You would also be responsible for burying your own dead.

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