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PSA for Trenton Makes and other rock lovers

Philander Seabury

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Thanks for the heads-up.  I'm off tomorrow as well but we'll see if I can make it past 10pm.

Here's a PSA back to you - Wilco has a new album and for a limited time it is a free download on their web site.


Sounds good!  And I was afeared of this, that show was last night, but I guess it is a series so you can catch it next Thursday night.  It started off lame, but it picked up steam and was pretty good.  Dan Reed had an interview with Denis Leary is how I knew aboot it.  I could always sort of barely tolerate Denis Leary, and the fact that he has cast himself as sort of a down and out guy is nice. :)  Chris from Northern Exposure is good as the guitar guy, which is a much better use of his talents than as the voice of Appleby's and Walgreen's. :)

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