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Not only is it the heat...but it is ALSO the Humidity


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We had a downpour this morning that cooled things off nicely.  Once the rain stopped I went out and spent half an hour pulling weeds.  Beds look better but I was a sweaty mess.  still, it's a lot easier to get those weeds out by the roots when the ground is wet.

Even if I get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to ride it's going to be muggy.  Supposed to be ~95 later tomorrow.

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Somehow I am not picturing hot and humid and naked as a very good thing either!

Well, just who are you picturing? So stop picturing that particular individual. There are plenty of other individuals that could be very enjoyable to imagine hot humid and naked.


And summer ain't over yet, dammit.

Hey now, what if I didn't want them merged?


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