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So I just watched a movie aboot the comics

Philander Seabury

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That was a good movie, where Pastis was interviewed (I didn't know he was a lawyer before becoming a cartoonist).  They just had Watterson's voice while they showed Calvin and Hobbes strips.  The bottom line was that whlle everyone lamented the decline of newspaper comics, they figured they would never go away completely, just like radio never did in the wake of TV, it just sort of changed format.  And the web is providing a platform for many many talented newcomers.

It was cool to see how the newcomers were influenced by the longtime established cartoonists.  One black guy was heartened by Oliver in Bloom County to believe that he could do his own strip, and he did (wish I could remember the name of the strip, something with a C).

Too bad that my all-time favourite, Gary Larsen, is so darn reclusive and he wasn't even mentioned. It was a also a little odd that another favourite, Berke Breathed, wasn't on the show.  But I guess they couldn't get everyone.  The comics have excellent bench strength. :)

BTW, as I was going through the last few Pearls Before Swine strips, probably my favourite modern strip, the biker who is an occasional character is hilarious. :)


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