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Okay, this will put a smile on your face, or at least it put one on mine.




That is the site for our Cub Scout Pack.  There is a video on there from our last Cub Scout campout.  The first scout you see is my youngest son.  I am in there a bit as well, but not much. The camp where we are camping is called Camp Wisdom.  It was given to the Circle 10 council of the Boy Scouts of America by a man named Pappy Wisdom who owned the land and let scouts camp on it.  He was out once and came across a Boy Scout troop having their Sunday morning service.  He said that any group that would teach young men like this was worthwhile and he gave them quite a bit of land.  He lived on the camp until his death even after he gave the land to the scouts.


All of the land was once part of the Peter Colony Land Grant in the 1800s and my family was granted 960 acres at that time by the Peters Colony.  The cabin that my great, great, great, great, great grandfather built still stands on land that borders the camp, which means that our family once owned most of the land that Camp Wisdom sits on.  


This ends my substantial post.

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