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Thaddeus Kosciuszko

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It's looking like I need to make room by taking apart and disposing of a workbench.  It came with the house when we moved in.  I haven't used it other than as a storage shelf.  For projects I use another larger workbench that also came with the house.

Part of the top of work bench I will get rid of is made of a single piece of wood almost 3" thick, about 18" wide, and over 5' long.  I never noticed that until I started to figure out how I would take it apart.   Not sure what the wood is, because it's painted.  I'd guess pine :dontknow:, but it would have be a rather dense or close-grained pine.  It's not glued together like 'butcher block' either - it's one solid piece.

I don't know what such a piece of wood might cost today, but I suspect it would not be cheap based on what I've seen in the lumber stores. 

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