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Fat/mtn bike grips?


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My Framed Minnesota came with plain grips. Apparently I have a bad habit of leaning on the grips rather than gripping them. I ended up with a nasty bruise on the lower outer 1/4 of my right hand. I have the contour locking grips on my Sirrus, and they work well for that laziness.


Would they be ok for riding trails and cross-country in the woods blazing my own path? (I'm not a schralper (hangs head in shame), so that's not a concern.) I just wonder if they might get in the way for quick adjustments. I can definitely grab them just fine when needed, but apparently I kinda need them for times when I'm just cruising along two-tracks. Just give them a try, or are they pretty much a safety hazard?

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I have those kind on my commuter bike.  They are nice.

For my mountainbike and fat bike, I run standard round grips. Although, I have rode my commuter in an agressive way and had no problems with them.  I have no issues with getting to the levers quickly.  

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