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So, Poot got arrested yesterday.


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He & the fellas took off on rafts down the Hootch, beer & sunscreen included. Got about 5-6 hours into what was supposed to be an 8 hour tour & it started to rain & blow them back up the river. Several of them got cold, separated & abandoned the trip.

Poot & a buddy climbed up the bank and into a ritzy subdivision in naught but their swimsuits and lobster colored skin (no shoes, ID, Wallets, phones, shirts, pockets, etc.).

The cops were called.

The buddy got mouthy with the cops. Not Poot (he learned his lesson about 6 years ago (Long story, different forum)). Anyhow, they put Poot in the back of the cop car while they checked for wants & warrants. S.O.P.

Poot's sitting there, notices a cooler in the back seat. Opens the cooler, there's a bottle of water. Poot's hot, burnt & dry. Opens the bottle, takes a swig & the cop opens the door.

Cop: "Where did you get that water?"

Poot: "In the cooler."

Cop: "That was my lunch."

Poot: Immediately apologetic, offers to buy water (as soon as missing buds bring wallet).

Disorderly conduct.

Funny story. Rivals my "Backing into the cop car after delivering pizza in college" story.


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