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I took a friend to urgent care today


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Is it bad to tell someone who has mental health issues..and is starting to panic and melt down...that if they start to cry...you will slap them???


I did...I told her if she hurts and wants to cry due to pain...cry away...but if she was gonna panic and melt down...I would slap her :whistle:


Talked to a second friend (who called me in on this assist this AM) and she thought I did great!! She laughed.


Person going for care had tweaked her back....and figured it was a serious kidney issue :rolleyes: ...I told her she would get muscle relaxants and PT...Duh...I was one off they also gave her pain pills :dontknow:   She is prone to self medicating (and diagnosing :whistle: )  LOL she was so disappointed that the docs didn't think her kidney theory was valid...

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