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Update on Gemma


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Just in case you would like to know.  Her back leg was a clean fracture and is set and healing well in the cast.

The front leg was totally shattered and there is no way to hold pins or plates.  That sounded sad but then the team of ortho doctors said that because she is so young, she may build good bone and piece it back together herself.  That seems unbelievable.  

So they decided to leave it for 2 more weeks and so more xrays then.  If it is continuing to heal they will perhaps intervene at that point or let it go and continue healing on its own. Doesnt that seem amazing.  If the pieces aren't bonding, they will amputate.  She is on crate rest except for short walks to potty.  She needs short weight bearing but not much.  She is scampy and starting to feel better so she wants out of that crate.


She is going to make someone a heck of a good doggie.  Did I tell you today how sweet she is?

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I don't know how to link it.  Some azzhat dumped a stray puppy.  She ate rocks because there was no food.  She got embedded in the grill of a car.  I did not look at the photos.  A good vet in Kentucky did not put her to sleep but decided she had spunk and casted her legs and removed the rocks from her stomach.  She needed a foster home and a real team of ortho vets.  Mr. Aire was a pilot with me as the dog handler for Pilots and Paws.  We flew the last leg to get her to Cornell Veterinary School in Ithaca, NY.  She is sweet.  I am smittne by her.  We already have  a full house with the 3 Airedales.  She needs a home.


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