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Stuff Dallasites do at Dealey Plaza


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Dallas is known for BBQ, oilwells, JR and our subtle, dark sense of humor.


So here is one thing I like to do.  I will go down to Dealey Plaza and look for tourists.  They can be spotted easily, as they are wearing brand new exotic skin cowboy boots and wearing a brand new cowboy hat with a fancy feather hat band on it.


I approach them and ask them if they would like to see where JFK was shot.  Invariably, they will take the bait and I am off on a long winded, winding tour of the plaza, showing them all sorts of made up trivia, like the man hole cover where the 5th assassin was said to be hiding, etc.


Finally, when I can see them just starting to get mad, I stop, bend over, point to the back of the head on the right hand side and say "It was right about there I think"


Man, I always get a laugh out of that gag.  The tourists, not so much.


They hardly ever pay me the $5.00 tour fee either.

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I've been through Dealey Plaza alot, usually really late at night trying to get on I-35 after a gig. One time we were down there in the afternoon killing time until the show. It was winter, so the grey and chilly air really made for a realy good JFK conspiracy fest


That man hole cover JSharr is talking about is for real. I remember our friend Tiny Man, who lived there in Dallas in an abandoned warehouse, was with us and he told the story and then took us down the sewers around the grassy knoll and we came out at the Trinity River.


So the "man hole cover theory" was always one of my favorites :D

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