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Remember when you jerks tried to help me fix my sprinkler?


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Well, you jerks suck at sprinkler repair.  Turns out the controller had failed and was acting wonky.  All the valves, wiring, plumbing, and water pressure checked out okay and I now have a new controller on the garage wall and my grass is getting watered just in time for the arrival of Hell on Earth known as August in Texas.  Going to be over 100 for quite a few days in a row.  Predicting 108 for this weekend.  It was over 80 when I woke up this AM.

I think I should not have used Square Wheels Sprinkler Repair to begin with.  They sent some bald guy with lame jokes out.  He did a sofware update on my system and it was all downhill from there.

This new guy is an off duty Dallas Fire Fighter.  I may or may not have mentioned that my grand father was Dallas Fire and served at station 39 and is on the Dallas Fire Line of Duty Memorial.  Turns out that Jesse, the sprinkler guy, has also been stationed at 39.  

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...couple guys tol' you to swap the valve pair on the one that was all up in your face with another set of contacts to figger out it it were teh controller.  One supposes you din't do that?Anyway, it's good your grandfather could fix it for you.:)

You sir, were right on the money.  What you described is what Jesse did.

I built you a cake.  Please ignore the corner where the dogs licked it a bit.


genius cake.jpg

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