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The story of my feet


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So..about 2 years ago...I had a nasty bought of PF..kept me mostly off the treadmill..Last summer..I had foot pain on the top of my foot and working into my shins.  My Doc took an x-ray...but it showed nothing...(I am not active enough to break something..or even for shin splints)...Anyway...it seems to always have some pain but...meh I get by...I did ask my oc for the name of a podiatrist because I cannot sit out an entire winter again...between being sic last year and the nasty foot stuff the year before...NO I need to at least walk 3 days a week..  After last nights walk my foot hurt...hurt so much that I actually iced it before bed...  I went to work and debated calling to schedule with the podiatrist..who is in an eastern burb...and well..after my U of MN  dental stuff...I am tired of Docs...So I opted to hit Schuler Shoes...the have Pedorthists who take scheduled appointments and walk ins at the store on Wednesdays... 

I am now $176 broker than I was at 4 PM.....$50 for an insert and $126 for a new pair of athletic shoes...I notice the arch support...the pedorthist dude said with my high arch OTC might not be enough..but I am gonna give it a shot....   Wish me luck!!   Short wide foot with high arches and high instep....LOL at this rate I will never save enough for flooring.

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