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McDowell Mountain Century


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The ABC McDowell Mountain Century was Saturday.  4 of us had planned to ride together, but we sent an email to all the Moon Valley cyclists and Bull Shifters to let them know we were planning on riding at 7 am. 
It was cloudy, dark, and it felt a bit humid when we left at 7:05.  There were about a dozen of us, all of us both Bulls and Moon Valley riders except for one guy who asked to join us.  I liked the route.  There were about 10-12 of us when we left the start.  I had told 3 others that I would ride with them.  Two of the women were struggling to keep up, and at the first sag I decided to make sure to ride with them.

After sag 1 there was more climbing, and the views are really great.  We had a nice climb a couple of miles after sag 2, then a 9 mile downhill (4% grade, I think).  We then travelled south past one of the reservations and into Fountain Hills. 
About 10 miles from the end one guy had 2 spokes break on his rear wheel, so he had to sag in (no way we could open up the brakes or anything to get him in). 
We finished in 6:59 overall


2013 has been my best year for long distance rides.  This was my 5th century, and I completed 2 doubles (Hemet and the Grand Tour) and 170 miles of the Solvang Spring Double... but for 27 more miles I would have qualified for my CA Triple Crown jersey... maybe next year


I have a couple of pics I can post, but they are too big for the forum. ... I will have to edit them.

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