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This is what we get for having graduation ceremonies from kindergarten and every kid getting a trophy at the end of the year.


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All the contractors, clients, client reps, & owner’s operators & management team were there (our electricians did require a special invite).

Usual topics: complacency; hot weather; owner operator & management visitors wandering around site; hot weather, “dangerous site” (PJ’s words, not mine. I prefer “hazardous”); hot weather; FRs required at the tie-in point (live crude line); hot weather; “No Smoking” site-wide is coming, be prepared for it; hot weather; FRs site-wide are coming, get ready for it; hot weather;  right/duty/expectation to halt unsafe work; hot weather; etc.

Decent meeting.

PJ: “Any questions?”

Welder: “Yeah. At the end of the day my shirt is soaked with sweat”. He’s one of the welders at the tie-in point having to wear FRs

PJ: ?!?! “What?”

Welder: “At the end of the day my shirt is soaking wet……” We guess he was angling to not have to wear FRs, because he sweats through his t-shirt.

Someone in audience: “Bring another t-shirt”

Welder: “My gloves get soaked, too………..”

Someone else in audience: “Use a different pair of gloves”

Anyway, always the problem solver, I found this online & ordered a case:



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