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Which Watch?


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So I have narrowed my choices of watches to three now. I made a bet with my boss that if I get a specific goal for Christmas then he will buy my Movado that I wanted. So for the gift from my wife I am between these three:


Expedition Reserve







DNA Bomber 


With what I budgeted then I can buy either the Expedition or Both the DNA and Bomber and still be under budget.


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None of the above. Those knobs and unrounded edges dig into the back of my hand while bending at work. I just picked up this G Shock for $100 as a work watch.


Pretty basic,nothing fancy but I can see the date on it pretty well. My other watch is a little too small for my old eyes. :huh:





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I stopped wearing a watch several years ago.  When I did, it was a classic dress watch for work.  Since I always have my cellphone and I have it in my hand what feels like 24x7, I didn't replace the battery when it died.  With that said, if the three, I am with Krazy on this one.  The second one looks cheap and the third looks hooky.  You asked.....

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