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Tebow done?


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I always knew Tim Tebow was totally overrated.  Another schmuck QB out of Florida that has a long history of obscene press coverage on mediocre talent.  I never believed he'd make it and was floored when the Broncos selected him in the first round.  What a waste.  The only FLA quarterbacks that have done anything in the pros in recent memory was Jim Machine Gun Kelly, Bernie Kosar, and Vinnie Testicle... of which I consider only Kelly one to brag about.


I think this guys article nails it.  For his sake, I hope Tebow knows how to sell car insurance.


The idea of Tebow: Captain America in cleats...a football savior...he throws spirals and emotes hope...a cure...a phenomenon...a man who could turn around any franchise...an athlete...a passer...a winner...a winner who wants to win more than winning ever wanted to win because winning.

The reality of Tebow: slow, plodding even...mostly inaccurate passer...overblown as a multifaceted threat...or even a two-point threat because a restricted space like a two-point conversion requires quick thinking, accurate throwing and foot speed—he has none of those.


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I always thought Tebow would make a good kick holder.  He'd also do well as the guy who stands half way between the punter and long snapper to  defend the punter.  He should have good enough hands and be big enough to play those positions.  The benefit is that with every punt and every field goal, there is a chance it'll be a trick play and they'll let him have the ball and throw it.

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I always wondered if he should have gone to the CFL.  Maybe he would have improved and could have returned to the NFL at some point.

if you can't throw the ball, you can't play in the CFL as a QB. 

If Tebow wants to play in the NFL, he needs to be open to playing a different position. The problem is that he won't play a different position. 

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