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Happy Sunday...Day 2 of a 3 day weekend


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Why am I awake before 6 AM...I have no clue...but I have tons to do.

Okay...my little plumbing job didn't leak when I ran water...but..I do have a small wet area...:angry:  WTF is that???  it is PVC so I hate to add glue or something...does it just need to settle a bit??

Lightning with a little thunder right now...78 degrees at 6 AM with humidity...feels like 85 says the weatherheads...more of that this afternoon and possibly tomorrow morning.../

More dust bunnie killing today..but I hope no more plumbing....

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That means a trip to the hardware store later today....:(   and I will need to re-wrench the one connection...:angry:  I am not making plumber wages here.

Yup.  It's pretty simple, but it it will leak forever if you don't.  Just tell the person what you are trying to do.  They'll either give you some teflon tape of pipe (pope) dope suitable for PVC.  Problem solved.

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