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What can I do here to make Square Wheels less sad??

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...I will post photos of my project bicycles as I complete them.  If they make me happy, perhaps some of it will rub off ? Here is a Ron Cooper I just put back into service. (Most of these will be ol

Here is one from March of this year. Rauler was an operation that also built contract frames for Colnago.    

...the Woodrup from page one has a new winter livery.  It accompanied me on a 30 mile Ramen House ride today.

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7 hours ago, maddmaxx said:

What manner of chain is that page?

...KMC 8.93, with their proprietary X-plate technology.  About ten or twelve bucks online, slightly more wherever fine bicycle chains are sold in brick and mortar stores.  Peened pins, non-directional, and comes with an included quick link for joining that is re-usable.

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My guess would be that's how the chain came from the factory. Unless Page Turner is an expert rivet spinner. The 8 spd SRAM chains I use come in different qualities of finish and price. I can imagine that every now and then a link of lesser quality ends up in a HQ chain. 

Could be second quality merchandise.

Could be defective finish on a couple of links. 


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6 hours ago, Page Turner said:

...beats me.  And I do buy the cheap ones in bulk, so that might be what's going on.  They work well.

There is no practical negative consequence to running a chain like that, unless the defect is severe. Chains that have no plating of any kind on the links are still run for many thousand miles.

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A Battaglin from when they started welding them instead of lug brazing them together.   This was when Dura Ace 8 speed brifters were a thing.  This bike actually got raced locally by a Cat 3 guy here, who sold it to me when he went to plastic.804628750_Battaglin001.thumb.JPG.306359b706225518c483ce46f525c5de.JPG  Second iteration with me.



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...three recent restoration projects. One from Italy, one from England, and one made in France.  An instant tour of Europe, right here on the Square Wheels Cycling Forum. :) NO air travel required.



























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15 hours ago, Square Wheels said:

What are the plans for it?


11 hours ago, Razors Edge said:

And where does he keep finding these bikes????  He's a magician!

I have a newly built set of wheels, and all the stuff to make it a full Campy race machine (with Universal side pulls). I'm just waiting a week or ten days for the paint to be fully cured beyond any doubt before I put it  together.  Then I will ride it.


It came off the Craigslist here, from some guy down in Modesto, who is not much of a biker and has had it in his garage ever since some guy he knew gave it to him.


The story is that guy found it in a dump over at one of the military bases near there (most of which are now closed). So I figure it probably came back with some AF guy, who rode it a while and lost interest.  Easier to landfill it than figure out what to do with it back then.  Anyway, that's my theory. It looked less nice before I painted it. It's about a 1970-71 frame.

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...so having read that, I have been paying closer attention to the small details on mine as I reassemble it.

I already knew from the numbers stamped into the steerer and BB shell it was from about 1970-71. I checked out the head badge rivets, and sure enough they are self tapping screw type, not pop rivets. All of which means it might be  a "shop bike".  Or it might still be a factory bike.  Who knows ?

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...turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself.  I had a lot of extra time to work on it, because the air quality here is still so bad I can't ride in it. :)



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On 8/31/2020 at 1:43 PM, donkpow said:

The detail is very good this time. Nice and clean.

...I stopped drinking, so now my hand shakes less on the striping lines. :)

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