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Road Runner

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Nothing yet...had to break from cleaning...take a shower and run to the hardware place....Gonna take a short break and then hit the cleaning again....and maybe...the plumbing

I had a problem one time with the PVC drain pipe under my kitchen sink.  I tightened and replaced gaskets, but it still leaked.  Turned out that the cheap PVC pipe had distorted at the connection area over time, I suppose it was due to boiling water and such being poured down the sink.  I ended up replacing the all the PVC drain pieces up to the wall connection.  No more problems.  Now I refrain from pouring boiling water down my sink.  

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Leftovers from yesterday: chicken and steak fajitas.  Summer salad made with shredded zucchini and summer squash, orange bell pepper, avocado and corn from a roasted ear.  There are some cajun wings I grilled last night also.  With no ac I'm not heating up the kitchen.

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