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I am frankly annoyed about Norm MacDonald


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I like Norm, but the KFC commercials make me want to punch him in the face. 

Oh, he's taken a gig as one of the also-ran judges on "Last Comic Standing" too.  Watch him there and you'll want to do the same.

I like stand-up.  That one lasted twenty minutes for us, including commercial breaks.  And I was being generous.

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Those KFC commercials really really suck. Harlan is gonna pop out of his grave and kick some ass.

The one thing that Harlan was dead serious on and with absolutely no compromise, was his brand. This clown playing Sanders is a goof and wouldn't be tolerated.

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I think you guys might be obsessing on this just a little too much.  It's an ad campaign and it is obviously working.  They have your attention.  They started with Darrell and now it is Norm.  Next will probably be Frank Caliendo.

I have not eaten anything that came from a KFC in twenty-five or more years.  Not only is that likely to continue, it's a guaranteed certainty if Ol' MacDonald is pitching their stuff.

I don't have the experience to judge Frank Caliendo.

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