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Kam Chancellor is the real deal but...


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... he's not too bright listening to his agent.  He's already the highest paid strong safety out there and the Seahawks are not going to budge.  He signed a 4 year contract a year ago and now wants to renegotiate.  Seattle's defense won't be the same without him but I'm with the brass on this one.  If you're making 7 million dollars a year -- I don't have any crying towels for you.

"Hellie reported on NFL Total Access that Chancellor told him he is willing to meet Seattle halfway and that the two sides are less than $1 million apart. He said he's not looking for new money, but wants salary currently allocated for the 2017 season to be moved to 2016. Chancellor used the word 'petty' in describing the negotiations, according to Hellie.

'He told me he feels like this whole thing could be over by now,' Hellie said Chancellor messaged him."


Actually, Chancellor is right though.  It could be all over with by now if he wasn't such a dumbass.



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Ah, wth, the Seahawks should just cave on this one, and take a hard-line approach on some fringe guy next time out.  They really ought to keep that core together as much as possible and toss him a bone to let him know that he matters.  He just wants some love, I think.

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