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I need a movie for tonight.  I like action / adventure / thrillers.  I do not like science fiction, and I hate comedy.

Just me, the wife is still out of town.



It is an action placed drama love story ....... Just watch it for dang sakes! 

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Django, if you like action with an excess of gratuitous violence and explosions, and if use of the word 'nigger' in context does not offend you.

By the way, the 'D' is silent.

OK, I'll give this a try, only because I trust and respect you.  The n word troubles me though.  I've never once used it and find it insanely offensive.

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Few,  that's what I thought.   Damn,  I just agreed with a crazy person . 

Krazy people are easier to agree with then normal people... Normal people argue the fact you are wrong, where a crazy one agree with what you say because late they will ask the other 30 voices floating around in their head to see if it was actually true

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