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What music should I listen to tonight?

Philander Seabury

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This concert is excellent. :)

Sort of like Earth Wind and Fire meets Chicago. :)

Hey Rumble Strip - are you familiar with Lizz Wright?  Maysa's voice reminds me a lot of hers.

Oops!  The one I thought was Maysa was Joy Rose. So now I need to youtube Maysa.  Joy Rose is very good. :)  She does a lot with Sting.

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Wow. She has a really good voice also.

Incognito has been around since 1979 and has had over 100 band members over the years. I think the only original member is Bluey.

Yes, she should be much better known.

Incognito has to be England's Earth Wind and Fire. :)  Very dynamic and up to date with a long heritage - very cool.


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