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I just ate cake, a big-ass piece. What can I do to not feel gross?


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I would settle for less gross, too.  It was RO, RW, and sister of RW's birthdays at once in August, but delayed the party until today.  The party was ok, but nobody from the forum showed up, but I guess that is because I didn't invite anyobody.

Anyway, there was cake, and I ate some there.  Then I came home, watched tv, fell asleep, woke up and ate a chunk of the leftover bakery cake with lots of good buttercream frosting.  Primo stuff, really.

What can I do to dull the cake's effects?

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..I suppose I'm too late to help you feel better.  But on the trip up to Tahoe on Wednesday, I had eaten nothing and drunk only a cup of coffee by the time we arrived @ 3 pm.

I was ravenous, so we proceeded over to the Char Pit on the main road in King's Beach, where I proceeded to make myself sick eating the full rack of ribs, with fries.  We now reference this incident as "The Char Pit Full Rack Debacle", so that my help mate can refer to it easily in the future when making helpful suggestions.  You might want to try coming up with a catchy phrase like that.

I didn't feel right until Friday evening.dead.gif


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