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The old guy with too much time


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All this talk of fall plus a rainy day has caused this old guy to start a new project.  The old train layout is a goner and the new one begins.  You can see in these pics the rubble of the removal and the fresh coat of paint on the new entry yard (where train cars enter the layout from offstage.  All in N scale this time around with a fantasy mix of Japanese buildings and trains with American buildings and trains.  It's my world and I get to decide who lives there.  Off to the right when the hills get larger I think I'll put in a downhill course for miniature DH to schralp on.  :lol:DSCN0383.thumb.JPG.5b1db22e52d0bb0367a55DSCN0382.thumb.JPG.a2d8c16f0b3a65641cfc7

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