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Don't panic, but a lot of places I like are on fire now.

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...the most recent addition to the losses is Middletown, Ca.  Middletown is the closest town to one of the more well known nude hippie hot springs, Harbin Hot Springs. I don't know about the springs resort buildings, but a lot of Middletown is gone now. :(  #this_is_a_bad_one





...this is not some houses out in the woods, but a town with sidewalks, and apartments, and home to 1100 souls.  

Too many fires, not enough resources, moving like nobody living has ever seen here before.


The Butte fire up in Amador/Calaveras evacuated the town and house I used to live in up there about ten years ago, Pine Grove.

It's a pretty place, but hasn't burned in a long time, and the canyon of the Mokelumne there is some of the steepest terrain I've ever hiked.


Right now everyone's hoping for an El Nino miracle, but I don't think we'll be so happy when some of the burned areas start sliding downhill.:( #staycalm  #prayforrain #butnottoomuch



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Pretty wild.  I'm just wondering why the mofo's waited so long to get out.



...the Valley fire went from start to 40,000 acres in just about 17 hours, and much of that was during the night.  


If I had to guess, it was pretty chaotic, and most of the available resources were already tied up either down near Fresno (still poorly contained in a relatively populated area), and our more recent Butte fire, up near Jackson and Mokelumne Hill on down toward Mountain Ranch and San Andreas.  Again guessing, but if you lose a town  of 1,100 (Middletown) it means you either had zero resources for structure protection (unlikely) or the fire was moving so fast and in so many directions that you just had no idea which way to go (more likely).

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Yeah, from the sounds of it, it was moving extremely fast.  For real, the whole west is on fire.  

In candid online forum, firefighters chronicle Valley fire's wrath

Just before dawn, Bluezebra noted that resources were spread too thin and that many departments in fire-weary California were simply unable to pitch in. "If resources have not been dispatched from your agency, it is probably because your Chief or OP Area Coordinator has stated your area is at drawdown."

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I actually think Paige went there once.  For realz.

...I used to attend the festivities there about three times annually, back when I was a handsome fireman. You could sleep out on the deck, wake up in the morning, do some yoga, and spend the rest of the day soaking hot or cold and watching the parade of hooters. Haven't been up there in the last ten-fifteen years. :(

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Valley fire's unfolding nightmare revealed in emergency logs



The morning after, the fire still spreading, the logs chronicle an attempt to track down a camper who earlier had refused to leave the Boggs State Forest even as it burned. His Honda remained at the camp site "and the tent is melted" but the man could not be found, the dispatch log noted.

Such refusals to leave were common.

The logs show more than two dozen cases where individuals or even groups of people defied orders to leave. In at least two cases, the individuals threatened officers or firefighters.

As the first 24 hours of the deadly fire drew to a close, the first suspected looters arrived – two men trekking in on foot, wearing backpacks.



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There are some really, really dumb people out there.  If you don't evacuate an area when a wild fire comes to town, you're dumb.  But you are even dumber and get what you deserve if you're out there camping and refuse to leave for gawd's sake.

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