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I see the lawn chairs are arranged for ideal supervision angles

  • Should that roofing lay flat like that?
  • How come the paper is so thin. Shouldn't you double that up?
  • What time is the inspector coming?
  • Can you move that wall out about a foot? My loveseat isn't going to fit there
  • Are those trusses or rafters?

almost forgot....year round????

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Nice. Wall paper or paint?

What type of flooring? Laminate? Carpet? Hard Wood? Engineered? Vinyl? 

Do you have experience laying carpet?

Forced air heat or hot water heat?

If hot water, convection or a circulator pump?

Vaulted ceilings or boring and flat?

What is the R rating in the walls and attic space?

220 or 110?

single or three phase?

Any can lights? If so..halogen or LED?

Options options options.....


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