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No one is stronger than cake


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At least I am not, anyway.

Remember when I said the cake had been disposed of?  Well, I did dispose of it, for the most part, I threw a good chunk of it away after eating half my weight in it.  However, I did take one piece to hide in the freezer for RW for some point in the future when she is craving cake, as she is wont to do from time to time.

That piece lasted exactly one day, and the cake began shouting at me to eat it, using heavy erotic language and sweet, sugary promises of the deepest fulfillment known to man.  

Don't trust RG with cake, that is the takeaway here.

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Let's see.  WofTy keeps buying cakes and pies from the grocery store.  While she eats some of each one, most of the time they go in the garbage.  I have no desire to even taste any of them.  However, I will do battle with her over the ice cream she brings home. :P 

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