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First day with a 3D printer


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Our little developers group at the Uni are getting an introduction to the 3 maker bots and the 2 utilimakers we have on campus. Seems the campus won some funding and we all are getting 5 year professional licenses for the autoDesk software suite. I downloaded the inventor package yester day and have some cool ideas for what to print. 

If I have time I am totally making a bitching fractal vase and maybe a batman keychain.



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Cool. I'd like to be able to justify one for our company.

I think I'm gonna get one myself. Will use the Uni one as long as possible but you can buy a maker bot mini for $1500


Can't be long before the kiddies are crankin out plastic peni.

Not gonna lie, was trying to figure out where I could hide one in this:untitled.500_preview_featured.jpg


See how long it would take the wife to notice.

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You need to do what every geek wants to do with a 3D printer -make action figures of yourself.

I walked into Sam's Club a month ago; they're selling MakerBots now. :blink:

I was playing with the software yesterday instead of studying for an exam today. I know, I know. But look at this! Not mine but a great way to play around 




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