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Tell me about your Dongle.


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I believe I have 2 Dongles....KT sent me one with his old fit bit...and I got one with the new one...Muad if you PM me...I will look for my spare dongle and send it to you after vacation.

Ah, that's sweet of ya PP. It's okay.  I'll likely order some online in a few days.

Thank you though.  I appreciate it!


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Kzoo, I am sensing hostility from AWWC. Please take him out. 

I'm pretty sure that CheeseNippers is bi-polar.  You have 2 options. You can wait until he flips back on his own - or- you can wait until he gets to the Greenville RX to get his prescription refilled.  Both require patience and neither requires you to get up out of your chair.  

Solved without violence - not as fun but no blood on my hands (or car trunk)

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I have a 3 year old Bose Soundwave Radio/CD player.  It allows a 1/8 aux input from an ipod/ipad etc.  If I was to purchase a Bluetooth stereo dongle,  could I stream music from my iphone to it?  Anybody know?

So.. Seeing you people let me down, I had to spend $12 on a dongle to see for myself.  As it turns out, Yes, it works.

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