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I'll take a chance here.....


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I am but I'm not sure why. Dr. Carson has not answered a single question posed him. Trump is well...Trump. Huckabee keeps yakking about Planned Parenthood.

Winners? Rubio maybe.

Yeah possibly...he seems to be the only one there that really addresses the questions asked.

He's to young and inexperienced to be POTUS, no matter where his politics stand.

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Trump is now a medical expert in regards to vaccinations. LOL.


I listened to a great PBS radio program the other day about autism. The take away was that the "sudden rash" of autism was due to the better diagnosis of the affliction vs vaccinations harming the kids. There was so much political infighting regarding what was going on with the kids, it took a long time to even get autism defined as an condition.

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I don't watch debates,

I used to watch them until I realized the candidates rarely actually answered the questions posed to them.  They begin their answers by borrowing a few words from the question, then launch into one of their 'talking points'.  :rolleyes: They respond, but don't answer the questions.

I'd like to see a debate run like the Gong Show.  The moderator(s) ask a question and if the candidate wanders off into his talking points without answering then he gets one warning that he didn't answer the question, and he'd better shape up.  The next time the candidate doesn't answer the question, he gets gonged and escorted off the stage by two people dressed in clown suits.  I think you'd see the remaining candidates start answering questions rather quickly.

If all the candidates get gonged off the stage, all the better - we don't have to listen to drivel.  If that does happen, the moderators would switch to the back up plan, which would be re-runs of The Best of Monty Python.

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