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At the doc's now.


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Thanks for the LOLz :D

Continuing saga of the jacked hip. It's reached 'that' point. X-ray sez bone-on-bone, so does the discomfort. I got a list of pre-pre-op things to have my primary care doc do before they'll schedule the op. Maybe outpatient, maybe one night in the hospital. Walking the same day. A little official PT but most will be self-directed. If I had a desk job, I'd be back to work in maybe 3 weeks. In my line of work, he said to plan on 6-8, with full function in 12 weeks.

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Oh man.  Good luck and quick healing.  Try to find out if ugly bob's physical trainer turned out to be a sadist and ask for a different one if necessary.


It won't help though.  That's one of the job skills they get hired for.  Breath deep and do what they tell you to.  In the long run you will have better mobility and strength because of their "tender" ministrations.

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My brother just had it done. He's 60. Knowing him, he'll wear it out before his 70th birthday.

My Aunt wore out two, and the third was starting to fet a bit worn...but she passed at 97.


Best of luck with it, 2Far....I hope it works well for you.

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